Mr and Mrs. Charles A. Womack Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A Womack, Sr., established the Womack Foundation in 1963 in order to provide financial assistance to improve educational and recreational opportunities for citizens of Caswell County, North Carolina and Danville and Pittsylvania County, Virginia. The stated mission of the foundation remains:

1. To provide non-interest bearing loans to area individuals who wish to further their post-secondary education and/or training and who might not otherwise be able to undertake such education or training due to financial constraints; and,

2. To provide grants to organizations for the planning, implementation, and/or development of programs which enhance and improve the educational and recreational opportunities for area youth who would not otherwise be able to engage in such activities or programs due to financial constraints.

3. To provide funding for organizations that are not normally funded by other people and agencies.

Board meetings are held in the spring and fall and funding requests are evaulated at that time. Organizations submitting proposals for funding should consider submitting well in advance so the proposal review commitee can evaluate your request for funding.